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At CATS Ltd, we offer a comprehensive print and copy services designed to meet your personal, work, school, and business needs.

Whether you require regular prints and copies in standard sizes or specialized sizes such as construction prints up to 24 x 36, we’ve got you covered.

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Construction Prints & Copies

The premier place for quality and timely Construction/Architectural prints and copies. Ask about our scanning services too!

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T-Shirt Printing

Yes, we do T-Shirt printing with quality heat transfer vinyl and heat transfer paper. We print on other fabrics and materials, learn more!

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Label Printing and Decals

We have an assortment of Adhesive paper for all your label printing needs (plain, clear, glossy, water resistant). Do you need a decal/sticker for your wall, window, vehicle? Say less.

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Printing/copying Personal Documents, Photos, Invitations, Greeting Cards, and Event Flyers.


Printing Assignments, Study guides, Posters, Booklets and Educational materials.


Printing/Copying Documents, Presentations, Business cards, and promotional materials.


Printing/Copying Contracts, Invoices/Estimates, Product Labels, Letters, Brochures, and Marketing materials.

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Let us help you!

We print and copy on a variety of paper types: Plain copy paper, Cardstock, Adhesive (paper), Photo paper, Bond paper, Glossy paper, Heat Transfer paper. As well as a variety of standard and custom sizes. With our efficient print and copy services, you can expect high-quality results and quick turnaround times to meet your deadlines.